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Why Outdoor PLAY & it’s Benefits.

The Experts Say

  • One of the studies on playgrounds and their impact on the development of children ages 0-5, determined, “Playing promotes brain development and helps lay the neural grid for a successful mind through repetitive play actions that reinforce that grid. (Duerr, 2014)

  • The “Novelty-Arousal Theory” indicates that people function better when they experience a change of pace. (Ross, 2012) This means that kids with conditions such as ADHD respond better to classroom learning after a change of pace such as time on a playground.

  • “Studies show that children ages 3-5 require certain kinds of large motor equipment for optimal development...” and this is often found in a playground setting. (Frost, 2004)


Current State of Health for Children

  • Currently the United States is confronting an epidemic of childhood obesity. In the last four decades it as tripled & has become the number one health concern among parents topping drug abuse and smoking.

  • According to the American Heart Association the obesity rates for children ages 2-5 are at 12.1%, ages 6-11 are at 18% & ages 12-19 are at 18.4%

  • Inactive children are at an increased risk for type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure & elevated blood cholesterol levels.

  • Along with the physical effects there are psychological effects which include low self-esteem, depression and negative body image.



What can we do?

  • The federal government recommends that every child and adolescent be physically active for at least one hour daily and in order to meet this guideline we must provide opportunities for them.

  • This is where PLAYGROUNDS play an important role in supporting physical activity targeted for children which are one of the few places that are specifically intended for use by children.


Health Benefits

  • Immune function is improved by exposure to sunlight.

  • PLAYGROUNDS are a prime location for allowing children to maintain and build cardiovascular endurance and health.

  • Physical activity stimulates the brain activity, and improves circulation to the blood vessels in the brain.

  • Daily exercise in a playground can do wonders for reducing the risks of obesity or helping a child lose weight.


The Benefits of Play

  • Parents recognize the benefit of children playing for the increase of social skills, physical and flexibility skills, cognitive skills and emotional skills.

  • 80% of parents agree that their children enjoy playing outdoors significantly more than they enjoy playing indoors and 41% of those strongly agree!

  • On average, parents say their children spend 2 hours playing outdoors each day.

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